Saturday, 1 March 2008


You gotta hate it when that happens. Y'see it's the weekend, which is cool given that I'm on a strict no-work regime at the weekend BUT I'm at a total loss as to what to do with it. Not because I don't have any choices, but because I have too many choices.

  • I want to make a necklaces for the pendant I made last weekend.
  • And earrings to go with the dark blue necklace.
  • There's a set-out necklace in my bead tray that I wanted to do once I had some GF wire - which has now arrived.
  • I want to try some 30ga wire weaving stuff that's been floating around in my head this morning.
  • I have a whole bunch of different yarn and ribbons that I want to try some mixed media stuff with.
  • Last night, I spent FIVE hours (I kid ye not) sorting out all my personal beading stuff and threw up a whole bunch of beads & findings that had been dumped in little boxes with the idea of making jewellery to showcase the relevant componant products so that needs doing.
  • I also found an entire collection of half-made pieces / pieces that need fixing that I'd like to not be sitting in a to-do box.
  • I got my moulds delivered yesterday from the US so want to play with moulds and clay. I got them from which has some gorgeous designs.
  • And I STILL haven't tried the cool lentil beads tutorial I intended working through last weekend

Clay will be tomorrow I think - Geoff has to go out a couple of times today which means I'll have Finn running around and uninterrupted time is def better for clay.

A to-do box sounds a bit too much like actual work I think...

And product showcasing IS technically work...

...which still leaves me which a whole bunch of choices!

But look how organised everything is! The trays stack on the bead storage table so they don't take up anywhere near as much space as they do in the picture :o)

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