Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A plethora of pretty things!

Shame 'plethora' is such an ugly sounding word or that title woulda worked better...

For all you jewellery lovers out there I have a tasty feast of eye candy today. Plus some stuff that I made :p

First off - I still haven't sanded & polished the weekend's lentil beads and realistically I can't see it happening before Friday now so here they are in their unfinished form.

First off - the best of the bunch

The beads I made out of the remainder of the red mix

Best of the blue/pink/silver

And the remainder

And these were made out of the scrappy leftovers from the previous 2 mixes (believe it or now, quite a lot of creamy gold went onto the red ones!)

Now... the Scheherazade necklace and earrings set - slightly better picture although blue goldstone is an absolute bitch to photograph. Its a little chunky for my personal taste.

And the first of the necklace connecters to go with the previously made red pendant (not yet finished)

And finally, these turned up today. I almost never use gemstones, partially because I sell Swarovski crystal for a living and so have lots of it lying around and partially because I'm not really an earth-tones kinda gel, however I've been looking for this stuff for ages - its titanium coated druzy (druzy is a generic name for the tiny little quartz crystals that sometimes form within rocks) and the titanium coating means it comes in a whole range of completely non-natural shades :p They're gorgeous. Far better than expected, I was absolutely blown away by this lot.

The druzy came from www.druzygems.com


mdspencer said...

I can't believe these are beginner pieces in clay. I'm a beginner too and am still making, well, nothing.

Latex gloves do help with the fingerprinting, BTW.

You do beautiful work.

Fire Phoenix said...

Wow, these beads are amazing! You are very talented.