Saturday, 1 March 2008

My puppies!

Non-dog owners always look slightly incredulous when I refer to these two as my puppies. Callie we've had since she was 10 weeks old and she's a white-apricot German Shepherd. Sabre we've had for a year and was a rescue dog who has improved enormously from the scared little boy he was when he arrived. He's never going to be a social butterfly but he's much more confident and happy now. Both dogs are almost 3 years old.

Why the random doggie post? Because they're my wolf substitutes and Cyndi over at just posted a GORGEOUS beaded journal page featuring a pair of wolf eyes.


Cyndi L said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful babies! I took some abused/neglected dogs too, and it breaks your heart. They are so rewarding to work with :-)

Faerie-Jeweller said...

Sabre has improved enormously. Poor thing is naturally timid anyway and had been through a mommy & daddy break up - he absolutely hated the sound of people arguing or shouting -, then was passed on to a rescue, who tried to find him a home and work in the police force. Sadly, he didn't have the right temperment for that, so after the initial training period was given back to the rescue who rehomed him again in what turned out to be a neglectful environment - when we took him in he had lesions and sores all over his underside which had gone untreated and was severely underexercised and unfit.

He's so much better now than he was. We had a lot of hard work getting him over his severe fear of strangers (he's always been fine with my and my husband but he's scared of strange people coming in the house) and he looks healthy now with shiny fur and an obviously fit and healthy body.

Woops, that went on longer than intended! You're right though, he's been very reqarding and its wonderful to see him happier and more confident.